Code of Conduct

Jebo Connect(Pty) Ltd. is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that subscribes to a Code of Conduct that underscores our commitment to providing the highest standard of service and support to our customers. This Code reflects our commitment to our customers to safeguard their rights and address their concerns.


We promise to:
1.1 Act in a fair, reasonable and responsible manner in all dealings with customers;
1.2 Ensure that all our services and products meet the specifications contained in our licences and all relevant laws and regulations;
1.3 Not unfairly discriminate against or between consumers on the basis of race, gender, sex, age, religion, belief, disability, ethnic background or sexual orientation;
1.4 Display utmost courtesy and care when dealing with consumers;
1.5 Provide consumers with information regarding services and pricing;
1.6 Where requested, to provide consumers with guidance with regards to their consumer needs;
1.7 Keep consumers personal information confidential; and
1.8 Advise consumers of their right to refer complaints to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) ((currently:


We acknowledge that the consumer has:
2.1 The right to be provided with the required service without unfair discrimination;
2.2 The right to choose the service provider of your choice;
2.3 The right to receive information in your preferred language;
2.4 The right to access and question records and information held by the service provider;
2.5 The right to the protection of the consumer’s personal data, including the right not to have personal data sold to third parties without the permission of the consumer;
2.6 The right to port a number in terms of applicable regulations;
2.7 The right to lodge a complaint; and
2.8 The right to redress.
We promise that no consumer information will be released to any third party except where:
2.9 Jebo Connect has written permission from the consumer to do so;
2.10 Jebo Connect is directed to do so by an order of court;
2.11 Jebo Connect is briefing an accredited debt collection agency/attorney during the debt collection process;
2.12 Jebo Connect is briefing its auditors for the purpose of auditing the licensee’s financial affairs; or
2.13 Such release is required or permitted by an applicable law.


3.1 Customers are required to sign an indefinite agreement (that is a debit order with terms and conditions) and furnish Jebo Connect with RICA documents before the commencement of any Jebo Connect services.
3.2 Customers may be checked for credit-worthiness.
3.3 Customers are required to pay for equipment and labour costs before any work is performed or services rendered by Jebo Connect


4.1 The billing process impacts on six (6) categories of consumers. The categories are:
(i) Fixed Wireless business consumers;
(ii) Fixed Wireless Home consumers;
(iii) Frogfoot Fibre consumers;
(iv) Openserve Fibre consumers;
(v) FTTH consumers;
(vi) Rental consumers;
(vii) ADSL consumers;
(viii) VOIP consumers;
(ix) Inter-branch VPN consumers.
4.2 Business, budget, uncapped, domain, rental, ADSL, dial-up and inter-branch consumers are invoiced monthly in advance on or about the 26th day of the preceding month. These invoices are payable by debit order on the first (1st) or seventh (15th) or fifteenth (25th) of each month. Consumers, who pay by means other than by debit order, must do so on or before the seventh (7th) day of each month.


When the customer lodges a billing complaint, the following general principles will apply:
5.1 The consumer’s service will not be disconnected while the investigation of the disputed portion of the bill is still pending;
5.2 Determination of the billing complaint will be done within 14 days and communicated to the customer;
5.3 The customer’s service will not be disconnected until the customer has been notified about the results of the investigation and the final decision on the complaint.
5.4 No adverse collection proceedings, late charges or penalties will be levelled against the customer while the investigation of a disputed bill is still pending;
5.5 The consumer will not be required to pay the disputed bill in full pending the investigation of the complaint;
5.6 The consumer will be informed in advance about the time for payment and the possibility of disconnections in the case of non-payment within that period, before the consumer’s services will be disconnected.


6.1 We aim to ensure that:
6.1.1 making a complaint (which we regard as “a clear expression of dissatisfaction that requires a formal response”) is as easy as possible;
6.1.2 we deal with it promptly, politely and confidentially (when appropriate);
6.1.3 we learn from complaints and use them to improve our service;
6.1.4 all informal concerns are resolved informally and speedily;
6.2 The formal complaints procedure is intended to ensure that all complaints are dealt with fairly, consistently and whenever reasonably possible to the complainant’s satisfaction.
6.3 Complainant’s responsibility
6.3.1 Bring the complaint in writing to Jebo Connect’s attention within fourteen (14) days from the issue arising;
6.3.2 Raise the complaint directly with the Office Manager of Jebo Connect;
6.3.3 Explain the problem in sufficient detail;
6.3.4 Allow Jebo Connect fourteen (14) days to deal with the matter.
6.4 Jebo Connect’s responsibility
6.4.1 To acknowledge receipt of the complaints in writing;
6.4.2 To respond to the complaint within fourteen (14) days;
6.4.3 To deal with the complaint;
6.4.4 To take action where appropriate.
6.5 If the complaint involved the Office Manager, the complaint should be addressed to the Managing Member of Jebo Connect.
6.6 If you are not satisfying with the outcome/response to your complaint, you have the right to refer the complaint to ICASA (see further 1.8 of this Code).


7.1 Jebo Connect reserves the right to deny services to the customers who are in arrears with their accounts.
7.2 The disconnection of services may be performed when the account is one (1) day overdue.
7.3 Jebo Connect will endeavour to contact the customer by SMS, e-mail or telephonically and inform the customer of Jebo Connect’s intention to suspend or disconnect the customer’s services. The customer will, however, not have the right to be contacted before suspension or disconnection takes place.
7.4 Upon liquidation of the arrear amounts, the customer’s services will be reconnected.
7.5 The customer is liable for the costs of the suspension or disconnection.
7.6 Jebo Connect may, when the a customer is thirty (30) days in arrears, commence the collection process against the customer which includes letter of demand, final demand, issue of summons and a sale in execution.
7.7 All steps in the debt collection process will be recorded.
7.8 The costs of the debt collection process, is for the customer’s account.


8.1 The required equipment will be installed within 72 hours from the date that the customer has complied with all the requirements (see clause 3 of this Code).
8.2 The customer will be telephonically contacted with regard to the standard of workmanship used when the installation was performed.
8.3 Should the customer not be satisfied with the workmanship, an inspection will be done at the customer’s premises within seven (7) days from the date of the telephonic conversation.
8.4 Should the quality of workmanship not comply with the required standards, the workmanship will be rectified at the time of the inspection.
8.5 Thereafter the customer will be contacted telephonically or by e-mail to determine if the customer is satisfied with the rectified workmanship.


9.1 The standard warranty period for all new equipment is twelve (12) months.
9.2 The standard warranty is a manufacturing warranty and expressly excludes defects caused by human (customer) error or (customer) intervention and natural weather damage, like lightening and hail.
9.3 The following procedure will apply:
9.3.1 The customer will lodge a complaint about the defective equipment;
9.3.2 A technician will be assigned to inspect the equipment at the customer’s premises within 72 hours from the time of the complaint;
9.3.3 If the technician is satisfied that the equipment is defective and it is indeed a manufacturing defect, then the equipment will be replaced at the customer’s premises on the date of the inspection;
9.3.4 If the technician is satisfied that it is not a manufacturing defect, the customer will be informed thereof. The customer will have the option to replace the equipment or not;
9.3.5 If the customer decides to have the equipment replaced, the customer will receive a quotation for the replacement of the equipment. The customer will have to pay for the replacement of the equipment;
9.3.6 If the customer disagrees with the technician’s decision, Jebo Connect will replace the equipment with temporary equipment. The alleged defective equipment will be removed and delivered to the supplier thereof for a pronouncement on the cause of the defect within thirty (30) days from the date of the complaint;
9.3.7 If the supplier is satisfied that it is a manufacturing defect, the temporary equipment becomes the customer’s replacement equipment;
9.3.8 If the supplier is satisfied that it is not a manufacturing defect, the customer will receive a quotation from Jebo Connect for the replacement of the equipment. The customer will have 72 hours within which to accept or reject the quotation. Jebo Connect will remove the replacement equipment within 24 hours from being informed of the rejection of the quotation or upon lapsing of the quotation, whichever happens first.

10. Support

10.1 Jebo Connect does not offer 24/7 Support.
10.2 Support hours can be seen on our website under support.
10.3 Support methods can be seen on our website under support.
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